Kevin: RyanMature

I turned around to see the house once more. I wonder if  anything would happen here would they be okay? Of course they would like Jordan may be the most useless one of them all but Alicia could make guns, Nora drops em dead, and Justin would be ripping heads off. Thier fine. I Rotate the watch for the display to change, it recorded every place I've been.  I dial up to the abandonned , destroyed city I appeared in thats we're Ryan likes to show up.  The watch batteries drained , and I was transported to Ryans spot. it was a destroyed still standing building

An hour later he walks up the stairs.

" Still alive I see.Nice wound" He comments.

" Thanks. I have found a few comrades two normal two normals." I say

" Where are they?" He asks

" At sims server in a house they should be fine." I say

" Interesting." He say fiddleing with his shotgun , " You gained strength since the last time I saw you. A little faster than any normal I've met."

" You should meet alicia she gained hacker powers half a day into being here." I tell him.

" Really." He says grabing is chin in thought

" I have a question regarding event this afternoon I suppose you hear?" I ask

" Yes this impacted the internet heavily, and the storie world the acceleration of crashing with inernet sped up." He says

" There was a creature it was like a shadow or a whisp of smoke. It was solid though I think he's responsible for that attack. Anyways the the thing is hard to injure or damage. I cleaved it in half it reformed. eventually the battle ened by me releasing a blast of energy. Even then it talked , and survived what is it? I asked

" This most interesting that a original internet being is causing this mess." He said more to himself than me.

" What an original internet being?" I ask

" Imagine that the internet was once not connected to reality , and imagine a race Normals that lived here who are immortal. Thats an internet being and usually if they show up and cause trouble there more to come." He said darkly , " Im heading back to the story realm. I will be back with more character when its needed."

The End

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