Alicia: G'NightMature

Woah, I thought when Jordan pulled away from me. I opened my eyes and he was smiling like an idiot. Biting back a laugh, I smirked at Kevin's remark of "P.D.A.'s". He left and so did Nora, she looked beat. I heard her yell outside, but I figured that she was just going through a portal.

Jordan tightened his arm around me. I smiled and moved closer to him, he was so comfy! The movie was still freaking me out, but it was better with my 'crutch' to keep me from running away. I laughed internally at my joke. Wow, that was lame.

The movie stopped, and I knew I was going to have nightmares tonight.

"That was horrible!" I said, Justin and Jordan laughing at me. "I mean, why would he do that!?" I really didn't like scary movies.

Justin yawned and Jordan followed suite.

"There's another floor if you guys want to crash here," I got up and hit a couple keys on my keyboard and a stair case popped up. "There!" smiling I moved to a door by the TV set and twisted the knob. "I'm too tired to stay up any longer, I'm going to bed, you guys can do whatever, just if you break something, you have to buy me a new one!" I said, laughing, "G'night boys!" I went into my room and heard muttered Good nights and changing channels.

I changed into my P.J.'s, or ones that I found in my Sims dresser, brushed my teeth and curled up under my covers. I think I could definetly get used to this Internet life.

The End

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