Nora: Oh dearMature

Kevin went out to 'train' but I suspect that he's just jelious of Jordan and Alicia. I laugh at the movie. Poor little ninja boy.

"Considering we're in cyber space, this movie is unrealistic," I say, my voice full of giggles.

"Well, it could happen then, as we're in cyber space," Justin says.

"Hmm, I suppose," I say thoughtfully. Blood and guts here, blood and gut over there, this film is a cross between brilliant and down right disgusting.

I yawn, "Right, I'm off." I say getting up. I walk outside, feeling the familiar cybernetic 'wind' breeze on my skin. I open a portal and step inside it. It flings me around, "Whoa!" I scream and land right back when I started, Oh super.

The End

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