Kevin: Keep The P.D.A down guysMature

Jordan begins to kiss Alicia. I'm sorry Public display of affection ticked me off , and no its not cause I don't have a girlfriend. Its like that annoying sound that make you want to punch babies it ticked me off. ( And yes I stole that from Dane Cook.) After I had enough I turn around to them

" Can you keep the P.D.A down guys. I know your madly in love but I don't want to see it." I say

Everyone just laughs at me.What ever I get my self up.

" I'm bored." I yawn and grab my oversized blade.Putting it on my back I walk out the front door.

" If anyone wants to train with me I suggest they come now." I said

No one came good. I checked my watch Ryan was returning to the internet tonight I needed to talk to him about the shadow thing.

The End

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