Jordan: First Real kiss...Mature

         Wow, Me  and Alicia. Not really alone, but in the dark..watching a horror  movie. All my instincts told me to kiss her.  Should  i? Not yet. I put my arm around her and felt her head lean into me.

 Ouch.  A paticularly bloody scene. I felt Alicia Shiver. Was this the right time?  Maybe...i stroked  her cheek and hoped shed turn to me. Damn she didn't. Kevin was mumbling about not gettig to play COD. Justin was munching on some popcorn.

It was getting closer to the end of the movie. Thiswas my last chance to kiss her. I stroked her cheek again, she turned her head and smiled at me. I smiled back and moved in and started to kiss her.

This wasn't just a peck  like last time..this was a real Oh my god get a room sort of kiss. It lasted for what seemed like forever, it was amazing. Then i let go for air and i smiled brightly at her.

The End

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