Alicia: I Hate Scary MoviesMature

After I'd stitched Kevin up and threw up asterwards, I came back into the living room area and went over to my laptop which was sittingon the table. I hit alt+g and a pack of gum appeare on the table. I took two pieces and popped them in my mouth, barf wasn't exactly the best taste.

Kevin was lying on a Sofa I'd brought in, playing some video games, Nora and Justin were talking in the Kitchen and Jordan was sitting beside Kevin on the couch.

"You better not bleed on that couch," I told Kevin.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, killing another guy in COD which I'd also brought in. Jordan moved towards Kevin on the couch to make room for me. I smiled and took he spot.

"Hey Kev, why don't you watch a movie or something, something we can all enjoy?" said Nora from the kitchen. He reached up a hand and waved off her comment. I reached my arm across Jordan and poked Kevins chest, right were I'd just stitched up.

"Ouch!" he yelled, dropping his gaming control. I switched off the console and switched on the cable. "You're mean," he said, a huge frown on his face.

"No," I said, "I'm fair. If you'd rather watch a movie than watch Kevin play Cod say Aye!"

"Aye!" Justin, Jordan Nora and I said in unison. I stuck my toungue out at Kevin, "see fair."

I opened the guide and searched through some of the channels, looking for anything that wasn't in sims speak. There was only one movie playing in english, Saw IV

"You know, maybe we don't have to watch a movie," I said, but Nora and Justin had already grabbed the remote from my hands and were now sitting infront of the TV staring at it.

"Yes, Saw!" they exclaimed. Jordan and Kevin looked happy to watch it too. I sank in my seay and covered my eyes. I didn't mind the gore, it was the people in the mirrors and jumping out at you that scared me.

"I hate scary movies," I groaned to myself, and I heard Justing and Kevin chuckle. Great, now I'm going to get made fun of.

The End

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