Kevin: Ha HaMature

" So where doest it hurt?" She say with the rather long needle.

" HA Ha. A lot of places some place you don't even want to know." I laughed drowning in my blood.

" Seriously, do you have any skills in this? Before you begin sticking that needle in my body." I say instantly from joking to seriousness

" Uh not really. Hmmm I wouldn't know either but hell glad I'm not in reality because I would have to let you soe me up. I wouldn't even know it thinking about it." I said

" In reality there is doctors." They all pointed out.

" True. So either way i'm screwed. Well you can soe my outer wounds but I don't know what about the giant hole in my lung." I said.

" Wait Alicia is it possible you could download the whole book on surgery onto your brain? That would be the ultimate solution?" I said trying to look exited but refrained in fear I'll squish more blood from my chest. It was just getting gross seeing the facial expression on Justin , Nora, and Jordan.

The End

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