Kevin: It would be nice.Mature

"It official. I like jordan." Alicia though

"Welcome to Chex Alicia sorta." Alica

Bad time to wake up but I smiled I could bug Alicia. I coughed up some blood I was still bleeding. How nice I haven't been sewen back together. I still hurt.

" I Heard that Alicia." I smiled.

" Heard what?" She said casually. 

" Do you want me to quote you." I smiled she was Oblivouse to my hearing thoughts power.


"HM HM In Alicia thought this. It Official......" She tackeled me to the floor.

" Forget that I said sure ,and live." She said.

" Ok, Sorry about leaking blood allover your floor." I said , " It would be nice if that was fixed."

The End

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