Alicia: Chez AliciaMature

Jordan rushed over to Kevin, and I hobbled over to Nora, collapsing beside her.

"Nora?" I yelled, I had to yell over something else exploding. "Nora, wake up!" who'd've thought I'd be waking up two people in the period of 1 hour. Just great.

She groaned a little and her arm twitched. "NORA!" I screamed, right in her ear. She jumped into a sitting position and looked at me.

"What was that for?" she said.

"You were unconcious," I replied, helping her to her feet. She didn't appear to have any broken bones or too many bruises. She helped me walk over to Jordan and Kevin as I told her what had happened to us. Jordan was shaking Kevin.

"I know how to get out!" I said to Jordan, motioning for Nora to sit down beside me. I pulled out my laptop, Nora helping me, and the screen flicked to life. "Everyone put your hands on Kevin," I said. They did as they were told and I placed one hand on his torso too. "Hold your breath!" I cried, "Close your eyes!" I took in a gasping breath and hit esc+shift. We were shot through a worm-hole I'd created in the Internet. I hoped we ended up where I'd said, but I doubted we would. "Brace yourselves!" I said, hoping they'd hear me. With an "Oof!" we all landed on a solid hardwood floor in a quiet room. There were no bombs and no explosions. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Jordan and Nora do the same.

We were sitting in a beautiful glass apartement, with leather sofas and all kinds of other stuff.

"Yupp!" I said. It was one of the windows I'd had opened on my computer when I'd been at home, I'd been playing a room designing game.

"You did it!" said Jordan, he grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. I heard Nora gasp and internally I was gasping too. He pulled away quickly and I felt sad. "Ahem, sorry," he said, smiling. I smiled back because the words were caught in my throat. My heart was beating a mile minute and my palms were sweaty.

It was official, I liked Jordan.

I swallowed and cleared my throat, "Welcome, to Chez Alicia . . . kinda,"

The End

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