Kevin: Mutual tieMature

I charged my blade ready to cleave this thing in half. the moments it connected with the beast.  The shadow arm melted and became much like blade this was it this final blow was going to determine who is stronger.  More energy became apparent that I was one big pile of unused energy or maybe it was endless. 

" rraa." I struggle with the wieght that unused energy put on my body. I bring my blade down slicing through the beasts blade like butter. But that what it wanted me to do because in side his arm was compressed and stored enery. The two energies collide making a large explosion of my blue glowing energy and its red.  My sword was still sling through his. I pressed further until I felt blade go through the Shadow and the satisfactory eletricl burst blue the shadowy entity to oblivion. This time I was sure I had atleast hurt the shadow or may have killed it. 

" Good job lowly Normal. You nearly killed me but you hit the wrong spot. We'll meet agian. trust me." The voice of what I guess would be the shadow said slowly fading.

All my energy I had once had dissapated in that one attack. I fell to my knee every breath I took felt like being stabed by millions of burng hot needles. A bunch of blood gushed out my chest wound and I fell to the ground. The world was becoming blurry agian. Black figures where running towards me. Please be friend not foe.

The End

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