Alicia: A sturdy crutchMature

I continued my pleas, willing Jordan to come back. I shook him with one hand and worked on my computer with the other.

"Uugh," he groaned. He rolled over towards me slowly, coughing and his eyes fluttered. They opened weakly and he forced a grimace onto his face. "Hey," he said quietly.

"Jordan!" I said, smiling. My tears came easier now. He was alive! My shoulders shook with sobs of joy. My laptop screen blurred infront of me and I couldn't focus on it anymore. I moved my laptop off my lap and hugged Jordan's shoulders weakly. I lifted him up slowly so that hecould better see what was going on, and maybe regain more conciousness.

"Shh," he said as I cried. I giggled slightly, "Where's Kevin and Nora?"

"They're over there," I jerked my head towards the diner, "they're ok though, see?" I twisted my computer around and you could see two small dots, Kevin and Nora.

"Oh," he said, his eyes closing again and my breath caught in my throat. I thought he was going to pass out again, "We should go help them," he started to get up slowly but collapsed back down into my lap. "Uhh," he sighed.

"It's ok, I'm trying to restore you," I said, opening a different window and watching the screen as my fingers flew across the keyboard. I looked at Jordan and his eyes started to get a shine back to them and his face was getting some colour back. I waited for the bar on my screen to rach 100% and then I shut it off and put it in my bag. "Better?"

"Much," he said, smiling and getting up. He grabbed his head but he looked like he was ok. "Need help up?"

"Yes please," I smiled. "Ah!" I cried out when he pulled my up. I collapsed onto him, graspng at his shoulder. "Oh yeah, I think I broke my ankle," I grinned at him.

"Of course you did," he said, laughing. He put one of his arms around my waist, and pulled my arm up around his shoulders. He made a sturdy human crutch. "Come on lets go find the others,"

"Sounds good," I whispered. I had a throbbing headache but I was still smiling. At least he didn't die is all I was thinking. We hobbled off through the rubble and smoke, searching for Kevin and Nora as the internet blew up around us.

The End

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