Jordan: An angel..Mature

   I went cold, somthing hit me on the back of my head.  Was that the ground? My Body was in agony. I felt data  streaming away. Then i closed my eyes and i dreamed.

         I dreamed i was in a giant complex. I wasn't alone though, there was a beautiful lady infront of me.  She beckoned me closer, i walked closer to her. Every coded bone in my body ached but i still walked.

"Who..Who are you?" I asked her

"Hush little one..that isn't important..somthing is going on out in the realm isnt there.." she said quietly

"Yes..a War is going i dead..." i asked solemly

"You  are close, which is why i have brought you here. I will help you." she said smiling at me

"Oh...What are you going to do?" I asked curiously

"I will unlock the secret withen you.." she said, then she reached her hand towards me. Her Hand gentally touched my shoulder. My Eyes shut

First i felt all the pain in me go away, then i felt somthing forming, my shoulder was getting heavier.

"Now. You are complete" she said

I opened my eyes, my  arm had changed..It was silver and chrome, with a opening at the end. 

"You may activate this power whenever you  wish, be careful though, it uses up your energy..." she said " now return, someone is waiting for you."

I felt myself drift a way. And when i opened my eyes again. An angel was sitting over me. Crying and begging me to come back.

The End

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