Alicia: Please JordanMature

Jordan and I had been walking in the street, his hand 'accidentaly' bumping mine every now and then. We were talking and laughing when Jordan tensed and stopped.

"What is it?" I asked, as I was still slightly laughing.

"Somethings happening," he turned to where we'd come from, back to where Kevin and Nora were. I opened up my lap top and it turned on relatively fast. There were already several programs on it, but I already knew what I'd needed. Opening up an internet window, I typed in a formula that I'd never seen before and something that looked like a when you see a monsoon coming in on the weatherchannel, except I knew it was happening only a few hundred feet away from us.

"Come on," said Jordan, running towards Kevin. I pressed three buttons simultanously, and my laptop poofed out of my hands and into a backpack on my back.

"Sweet," I whispered and ran after Jordan. When we got there, I saw Kevin and Nora, but something blew up right in front of us before I could get to them. I blacked out.

I couldn't've been out for long. I looked around me, coughing and wiping my eyes. Jordan was lying on the ground, stark still. I crawled over to him, dragging one of my ankles which I think was broken. I shook his shoulders.

"Jordan?" I asked. My heart lurched in my chest as I bit back tears. I pulled my legs beneath me and swung my back pack around so I could reach my laptop. It was still running and I worked on trying to find what had happened, and Nora and Kevin. I looked back at Jordan. "Jordan?" I tried again, shaking his shoulders harder now. "Jordan? Please wake up," I said as tears fell from my eyes onto the ground, glittering in the fire that threatened to engulf us.

"Please Jordan,"

The End

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