Nora: UnconciousMature


Smoke flows around me, making me feel drowsy. I wobble on the spot, I can't see, hear or feel anything. I feel all alone, blackness creeps up to me, I lift my arm trying to kill it, my head feeling lighter and lighter. The blackness leaps on me, forcing me to the cold, hard ground.

I can't feel myself anymore, every limb, every hair, every atom is unresponsive. Nothing listens to me. My feelings come back to me, my body still won't listen, pain soars through me. I feel someone lift me up, then I crash to the ground.

Sounds come back, my eyes feel like their glued together, my body just will not listen. I hear people talking, I hear Kevin and something else roar. Not just any roars though, war roars.

The End

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