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The shadow

The shadow couldn't hold its patients in any longer It must attack and extract it revenge.  It stood up

" The war begins now!" it ordered

The safe zone bombs began to blow screams of terror and a small representation of hell on the internet began to show up. The shadow smiled. Now revenge. It jumped down from the roof. 


BOOM! CRASH! KABOOM! (Insert any other words apropiate.)

Screams of terror erupted from the streets. I ripped the sword off my back. Then Boom! A cloud of dust and smoke combined erupted from the wall adjacet to me sending me flying to the another wall. What was happening? As The dust settled

" Nora! Where are you?" I shouted

Through the smoke a shadow jump from a heightened posistion onto the ground soundlessly.  Before I could react I took  Punch to my face driving me into the ground sending my blade out of my hands. Crap. I jumped back onto my feet. I couldn't read the buggers mind. From the smoke My own blade is thrusted speedily towards my head. I dodge it having it miss ing me only by millimeters. This continued for a few more seconds. Before I get kicked in the stomach crashing through the wall. I was getting the crap kicked outta me .  I see Nora unconciousse body on the ground not to far ahead. I stand my self up agian couging up blood. My organs where getting crushed from this guys strength.

I dodge a drop kick that shot out past me at supersonic speeds. I flash step outside picking up Nora. She should wake soon hopefully. I continue to flash step away from the enemy but he was fast.  I hear wooshing of the air behind me I drop to a slide avoiding the Shadow with my blade in his hand. That was close As I dig my feet down sending me back on my feet. I flash stepped more. I was tiring from all this insane running.  The streets where burning and many types of bad characters and Shoops where ruining the place.

This was not good one bit. I find shattered electronic store seeing Justing Defending it from the grinch, captian hook, darth vader, a Balrog and to top it off sauron. He was doing well but he was heavily outnumbered. crap. I stopped watching the shadow stab me with my own blade.  I dropped Nora onto the ground. As I flew backwards with the shadow still gripping my sword. The world was becoming blurry and was darkening. I can't die now i thought as it all went vanished from my sight.

I was in my own world of the sun setting in the mountians.

"You are honestly going to let you own blade kill you." A voice echoed.

" Hell No!" I said

" Then what are doing sitting there." The voice said It was true I was sitting on a boulder.

I get up. " What must I do?"

"Don't hesitate, Kill, fight, Don't let pain distract you, and most of all don't Die." The echoeing voice.  The world began to appear agian. That was brief. Maybe anime should follow this example. 

I was still in the air impaled on my blade. I was slammed into the wall. I barfed up blood.

" Weak Normal. You hardly entertain...." I cut the thing off with my fist slugging it ont the face. The shadow staggered backwards.

I Pulled my sword out of my chest. More blood poured from my wounds. My Right lung was probaly not working And I was loosing alot of blood. If this was reality I would be dead. 

" Shut it." I say slicing upwards then downwards with the large blade. The shadow dodged the swings professionaly.  Energy shot of my being I was glowing blue the ground was tremoring from the energy. The energy was something that scared the shadow momentarily then a smile grew across its face. 

I swing downwards sending a electric charge that shattered buildings.  The energy was still swirling around me and growing. The shadow retaliated with an aura of its own kicking and punching ,that no normal eye could catch. I block each blow with my swords sharp side cutting the things feet and fist into pieces. I took my turn swinging downwards cuttting the shadow thing in Half with an enourmous shot of electricity. My ignorance lead me to believe it was dead. I rushed to Justin's battle killing darth vader in half and Justin killed the Balrog and sauron was retreating.

" Whats going on?" He asked

" No clue." I said then coughing up more blood , " Where is Jordan and Alica?"

He pointed At Jordan lieing there in worse condition then I was Alcia was sitting beside him with a laptop in hands.

Before I could turn to see How Nora was , a larger shadow creature atleast twice my hieght punched me straight on.  I slide on the ground leaving streak of blood on the ground.  I look around me The safe zone was burning in turmoil , and we five where the only ones who could stop the destruction. I rise to my feet more blood spattered the ground from my wounds. With a look that would kill any weaker man I look at the shadow thing. This fight was going to end with its death. More energy bursted from me effecting the air around me. I charged and so did the Shadow.



The End

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