Kevin: Stop callin me ninja boy.Mature

" I still beat you Ninja boy." She said trying to push at my buttons.

" Yeah you've been here longer than I have." I defended myseld.

" ah ha even if we where here for the same amount of time I would have beaten you." She giggled

" Fine whatever." I replied  a little off focus looking off into the electronic skys horizon.

" Night times approaching. Lots of viruses will start buzzing around. What you want to do?" I ask

" I don't know ninja boy." She said with a grin

" Stop calling me ninja boy please." I asked

" You know it was a compliment but now its annoying you why?" She asked

" Because Ninja lose to pirates." I smile

she looked a little mad

" Can't prove it." She said

And we continued walking down the street pushing eachother buttons. But it would come to an end soon. As a Shadow on the rooves followed them waiting for the perfect time to extract revenge.

The End

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