Alicia: Mac or P.C.?Mature

I got up from our pizza table, and Jordan rose too. I smiled at him. Our table automatically cleaned itself so I walked straight to Jordan.

"Fancy a walk?" he said.

"Sure, I kind of feel like going to an electronics store . . . even though we're basically in one," I giggled slightly.

"Don't worry. They still have them," we started off and I saw Kevin and Nora walk off in one direction talking about shoopers (which truthfully I still didn't know what they were,) and Justin was left standing by himself, kicking the ground. I stopped and turned around, then started walking backwards beside Jordan.

Cupping my hands around my mouth I yelled, "Justin!" he looked up, wide-eyed, "Want to come with us? We're going to find me a lap top!" Justin nodded and started running over. I heard Jordan grunt and stifled a giggle. When Justin joined us we started off again, down "Byte St.".

"Why do you need a lap top?" asked Justin and Jordan simultaneously.

"I need something to use to hack the internet. At least that's what these voices are telling me." Jordan gave me a weary glance, "It's just my powers talking. I'm not crazy!" I crossed my eyes and stuck out my toungue, walking ahead a bit and turning around to show Jordan and Justin. We all laughed as I came back in to stride.

We entered the electronics store and were greeted by an odd looking humanoid character.

"Hello!" she said (at least I think it was a she!), "Would you like a Mac or P.C.?"

The End

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