Kevin: Emerges metal birdman!Mature

Out of the sky comes our friend Justin only now his wings and beak are composed of a titanium alloys. 

He saw us and decided to showing off his new form. As he land turning back into a boy I say

" Here emerges metal birdman."  I said , " You caused a lot of crap Justin."

" How?" he replies

" Your created A portal to reality and the shoopers we're going nuts trying to go to reality. Luckily Alicia's power is hacker and reversed the portal toa reality to internet portal."  I explained, " Anyways nice new form. And meet our new friend Nora."

" Hey , Justin." He says

" Hey." Nora replies.

" So anyone wanting to look for that shapeshifter earlier. He quite anomly I looked him up. He was apparently taken by a unknown presence when he got her. So I want to defeat him in battle and ask some questions." I said , " Maybe I should give you a day to do what you want. we'll meet at the gates then?" 

They all agreed.

The End

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