Justin: Bird upgradeMature

Dr. Octogonapus, how did I not guess it was him? I wasn't too freaked, Jimmy however...


"Dude, keep quiet." I changed into a bird, flew directly towards metal doc, crashed him through the window, and threw him down four stories. Unfortunately it wasn't that simple. He jumped up to me and wrapped his claws around me pulling me down too.I manged to get up first, get onto him and claw him stomach a few times. Then I let out a screech, opened my mouth, bit down on his head, and then it was over. All the claws ceased to move, and doc disappeared.

"Whoa, I had no clue I had that strong a mouth" I thought to myself, then I flew myself back to a stunned Jimmy.

"Wow!!! That was awesome!" It's easy to entertain grade schoolers. I had enough here, I opened the program again, and this time the portal showed up. I said goodbye to Jimmy and jumped through it. I finally got back into the internet, but I noticed something different, which would explain the stronger mouth.

My beak, wings, and head all contained steel. I was shocked, but more so excited, so I made my way looking for the people I met before to show off.

The End

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