Kevin: Now where the hell is.....Mature

She beat me buy 10 shoopers in the end. In total I killed  75 and she killed 85.  I sheathed my blade and I walked back to Jordan and Alicia.

" Sorry about, not letting any of ya on the action. You where more than welcome too though." I said.

" So now how do we get Justin back here? Since he obviously hasn't shown up yet." Jordan asked

" Thats a good question." I said, " I can't answere it." 

Nora then walked up to our small little group thinking.

" Ninja boy hiding his anger after getting beat in that little competition." 

" Do you mind not calling me Ninja boy." I said

She was slighty shocked.

" You heard my thoughts?"

" Yeah i'm not ninja because Ninja wouldn't fall on there arse just from getting off a roof."  I said

She grinned obviously happy she found button to press.


The End

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