Kevin: Isn't ninja ninja's have small blades that don't shoot elictricty.Mature

Yeah first when I was hearing voice that where incomprhensiable I just thought it was the voices of conversation at the restuarant  but when I heard Nora thoughts which was along the lines of ."So Alicia is a hacker, Kevin wants to be ninja, and Jordan has an obvious crush on Alicia.These people are fasinating!",which pissed me off. Cause She was thinking that I was trying to be ninja. First off in my opinion ninja are sneaky stealthy little buggers Two Ninja have small blades, mine is a little bit longer then my back and its as wide ones hands. Also Ninja blades don't shoot huge waves of electricity.

She got ahead my angereing thought so now I can eavesdrop on people thoughts how annoying. cause quite frankly you don't want to hear Jordans thought most of it was him kissing Alicia and the rest  was "Stupid Kevin he has the worst timing. If the guy wasn't nearly Immune to lazer fire I would kill the son of a ....................."  The rest was rampant cursing.

Outside you could see this almost organized force of Shoopers. They all where firing there lazers ,  I could hear there thoughts too it was really simple. " Shoop, Imma firin mah lazer. Portal." I think that was they're entire lexicon.  

As I gathered energy a blue aura gathered around me violenty my blade began to charge with electricity and Gravity began to feel stronger to everybody around me. Jordan collapsed momentarily but he was able to get back up. Nora on the other hand was ahead and she seemed mostly unnefected. I caught up to her in a matter of seconds.

" Lets see who kills the most shoopers!" I challenged her know I would Probaly lose because she didn't really need to lift a finger to kill them.

She smiled and agreed.

I took the right and released my massive electric attack killing about 10 of the shoopers.

" 10!" I yelled

Her reply was

" 15!"

This was fun.

The End

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