Kevin: She's fast at the internet power upgrade.Mature

As Alicia told us of her plan. What she was talking about was happening just outside the shop. She didn't notice our facial expression until she finished.  She grabbed her hea in paine then with an exited voice she said.

" Im a Hacker!"  She seemed pretty happy with her power. 

Wow that was not even half a day on the internet and she gained a power. Without being put under stress that was almost unbelieavble. What would happen if she was put under combat stress?shoopers where coming I could here there destructive noises. I  grabbed my Blade.  They're probaly coming because of the portal which was now acting as portal to the internet. But the safe zone was still under threat.

" Who here is ready to fight off the huge horde of shoopers coming this way?" I said with a grin on my face.

Before they could answere I turned around not really caring what it was.

The End

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