Alicia: Am I a hacker?Mature

"Well, first, we didn't know we had to babysit Justin, so we just went and played a game. Then again, we didn't look for him when we came out of Fancy Pants, so I guess it is kinda sorta our fault," I lowered my head away from Kevin, "Sorry, and I can't give any ideas,"

Kevin and Nora looked at me quizzically. "I've only been in this damn place for 30 minutes, tops. I don't know anything about the internet yet," I grabbed a piece of my pizza and took a bite, signaling that I had nothing else to say.

"Are you sure you can't suggest anything?" asked Nora. She looked to be about my age and obdviously wasn't any good at reading I-don't-want-to-talk-right-now signs. After I swallowed, I looked up at her.

"Well, the only thing I could see doing would be somehow reprogramming the computer he went out of. If we could somehow create a loop-hole or worm-hole out of the portal thinger-majiger then we could stop any shoopers from going into reality. Before hand though, of course, we would reverse the direction and send a signal to Justin to come back. I don't think it will work, but it's worth a try," I had been talking really fast and grabbed my head afterwards. "Ouch," My brain felt like it had been electrocuted. "What was that!?"

Kevin's eyes were wide and Jordan was gaping at me.

"Wait," I smiled, "Is that my power? Am I a hacker!?" Yes! I'd always wanted to be a computer nerd. It was like, a life goal. Crazy smarts and computer skills? Pretty sick power, if that's what it was.

The End

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