Kevin: Just ...... pick yourself up.Mature

Yeah i'm preety sure I hurt my own ego rate there.  It seemed worse with Nora there because she was experienced and i'm sorta not the most powerful of my group anymore. Still there no good pouting about it.  I walked towards addictinggames and quikly checked current players. They left , Suddenly I remember Jordans facail expression talking to Alicia. They probaly went for a meal , and left Justin on his own.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,  So thats why he was doing trying to keep himself entertained. I saw a pizza place not to far away. 

I walked in and saw the two laughing and having fun. Its too bad I'm in a really bad mood because now I have to somehow gain the power to control portals. 

" Hello. Why'd you ditch Justin?" I asked

" The bird kid?" Asked Alicia

" Yeah. By the way this here is Nora , Nora Alicia and Jordan." She could obviously I have the worst timing in the world.

But who gives about relationships when peoples lives are on the line.  Well that was me.

" Well anyways , Our new friend Justin is now in reality and has left A portal to reality open which is bad. Because its seems Shoopers , and among other things are trying to follow. And I have no clue how to seal it up." I Explained calming down.

" So ideas would be nice. Cause I don't thing brute force can bring him back and close the portal." I said.

The End

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