Nora: LOL! :')Mature

Kevin falls on his arse, and stalks off. I have to cover my mouth to stop myself laughing - I don't want to hurt another's ego, can you imagine the reputation I'd get?

We walk to a Pizza place - Kevin still stalking, my smirk still on my place. Kevin seems to be really annoyed - still - and storms into the pizza place. I follow, deliberatly dawdling behind, I takes me twenty seconds to walk into the fast food 'resturant'. Kevin is talking to his friends as I walk up behind him.

"Hello!" I say, sticking my hand out, they take it causiously.

"This is Nora, Nora this is Alicia and Jordan." Kevin says pointing them out.

"Hello," they politly say hello. Then I realise the scene, Oh dear....

I muffle my laugh in my sleave and look away. Talk about bad timing!

The End

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