Jordan: First Date Much?Mature

          Wow, i couldn't see my luck getting any better. I was out, gettin pizza, alone, with a really beautiful girl. Jeez its been a long day. I walked into the pizza shop with her, opening the door for her, trying to be as gental-manly as possible.

"So what kinda pizza do you want?" I asked

"Uhm...." Said Alicia. She looked nervous. W as that a good sign?

"They dont serve uhm here.. how about peporoni?" I said jokingly

"Hah...sure..." she replied

              So,  I ordered the pizza, payed for it using my Pay Pall Card. And we sat down. We sat there for a while. Talking about Movies, sports,video games, it was the greatest. I felt completly comfertable with her. I was trying to slowly Move my hand towards hers nd try to hold it, When the worst thing possible happened. Kevin came in the door looking a bit pissed off.

The End

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