Kevin: Ah makin an arse of myself.Mature

I'm a pretty competitive guy right so I kinda hate it when someone totally outdoes me.  I was breathin hard because running after that shadow guy earlier.  It didn't take long to get it back.

" So how long you've been here?"  I asked

" My brother put me in here when I was seven , and i'm sixteen so you do the math." She said. 

It took me a couple seconds. Math isn't my big thing.

" 9 years." I exclaimed.   No wonder she stronger than you. You've only been here two weeks. and you've gained a fiar bit of streangth for those two weeks. My self confidence defended itself.

" Meh. It was easy." she said.

" Hmm." I replied

I wonder if she know more than I on current events?

" Hey, ummmm, I need to go see a couple of friends of mine at addictinggames. To talk about a character freind who went into that portal up there." I explianed. Why was I being all nervous?

" A character broke into reality?"  She said a little unbelieving.

" Yeah , I thought it wasn't possible."  Saying as if I knew loads about there internet.

Which I sorta did atleast as much as Ryan knew, and He knew alot about it.

" So do you want to come with me?" I asked

" Sure , I don't have anything better to do."

I jump off the roof and of course instead of landing gracefully I hit the ground face first. Great move dumbass.  I thought to myself.  I got up and tried to ignore the fact I hust made a complete arse of my self.



The End

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