Nora: Is it so hard to believe?Mature

Ahh, newbies... Don't they make ya laugh? I smile, Kevin seems out of breath - which is odd 'cause here all you have to do is think energy and BAM! you have it.

"So," I start. "Are you going to move 'cause this is really boreing?!"

"Meh," He says. Oh great, a 'meh'er. "How long have you been here, anyway?" He asks.

"Well, I came here when I was seven, and I'm sixteen now. Sooo, you work it out." I spin and sit down.

His brow creases in concentration, Tick tock, tick tock. His face looks expressionless apart from his eyes, which are wide in question, "Nine years?! Seriously?"

"Uhu. I'm a veteran, what can I say." I laugh shortly.

"Aren't you, y'know, lonely?"

"Meh," That's right, I 'Meh'ed you. "Miss my parents I suppose, but who doesn't?"

"Hmm...." Is all he says.

The End

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