Kevin: How did a shoop get up there?Mature

I hate to admit it but i can't fly. There was shoop trying get through the portal.  If my powers derive from a soul reaper I should be able to hover and walk in midair. But I honestly would have a clue how.  I try flash stepping in the air it sorta worked but I screwed up and fell onto a roof on my back.  " Ow."  I Had to stop it.   I gathered energy. A sudden stream of blue light surrounds me. I was going to see if i could shoot A large electrocution blast to kill the shoop.  I gathered enough swung my blade sending the blast through the air.

It hit but it also pushed it farther through the portal obviously still alive.  Damm.  Suddenly an internet portal opened up , A girl with her arms out like a areoplane  shot out. Could  she travel through the internet plains? 

" Oi I have a favour to ask of ya." I yelled up . She landed beside me on the roof.

" You see that shooper up there in that portal. Could yo kill it. I don't have any real range attack or anyway up there."  I explained

" Oh thats easy." She said. She snapped her fingers and he was dead.

" Wow. Nice power. My Names Kevin. I've only been here a couple of weeks. So i have nothing that impressive."  I said.

Mental note don't mess with this person.

" Nora." She replied.


The End

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