Justin: SupaNoGotCordMature

How the hell did I go from internet to real world? Something has to be very, very wrong!

"You, boy, come over here!" I said as I sat on the bed. Unfortunately he wasn't that obedient to a teenager he saw come from a bird. "I said. Come. Here."

"Please don't hurt me!" Uh oh, I think I'm scaring him, note, tone it down.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I just want you to know what you were doing on the computer."

He stood up. "Well, I was downloading something on my computer. It was taking a long time, so I start playing a plane game. Then a man-bird.... well, you, grabbed me out and looked like you were going to eat me. It was so cool! But before I could see anything else, my computer shut down and you were here." This is all true, so there's only one morew question I have to ask.

"What's your name kid?"

"Jimmy sir."

"Don't call me sir, I'm 15. Anyway, what exactly were you downloading?"

He thought for a minute. "It was something like... SupaNoGotCord." I was drawing a complete blank, SupaNoGotCord? Sounds like and internet gangster working in an electronics department. I was curious, so I powered the computer back up.

"Be careful on my computer!"

" I just shot out of it, how careful can I be?" That shut him up. After a few clicks I got onto the main screen. I found it kind of weird that his wallpaper was just a field of white.

"That's weird. What happened to my screensaver?" Looks like he noticed it too. And sure enough, SupaNoGotCord was an icon. So, I clicked it. It opened to a cartoon of two people talking. This seems normal enough. And then I heard a voice come from the computer.

So Justin, you wanna go back to the internet? I have the portal right here.

How did the program know my name...

But if you want in Justin. You must do one thing.

I was confused, but I responded. "And what would that be?" Just then, the screen started shaking, and the computer turned off. Then, a giant metal claw came out of the screen, then another, then another, until I was able to make out the character.


The End

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