Nora: An internet veteranMature

I run through cyber space, completely zoned out. My manical giggle bounces around the empty space. I've been in this world for nine years now, since I was seven - my big brother thought it would be hallerious for a seven year old to be put in the internet.

He still watches over me, on the otherside. He is an Avatar, he randomally appeers browsing through clothes site and stupid, patetic game sites. I - unlike everyone else I've met - am not shocked that I've actually survived this long. I have to admit, I love it here, I don't remember anything from my other life, only the few friends I had.

My 'special powers' - as people call them - are pretty darn awesome to be honest. I can destroy the baddies with a click of my fingers or a single thought - for some reason I got that when I first came here as a newbie. My other power, well, I can go to any plane in the internet that I want to, whenever, where ever.

I jump back to the entrance, memories coming back. Fear, resentment, awe, excietment. I grin, spinning round on the spot, arms out like an areoplane.

The End

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