Kevin: Damm.Mature

The blurred figure got faster how much faster can he get like i'm doin stinkin flash step and he still ahead of me. Then it was gone , I stopped I was breathing hard.  " Damm." Then i noticed the disturbance on the internet.  For A moment I see Justin in the sky then he was gone. Did he just? Nooo.  He just went to reality. I told him to go play freakin game with Alicia and Jordan. Well maybe not clearly. " Dammmm!"  I yelled. this was really bad. He just opened a one way portal to Reality he needed to get back soo or else it would be irrepearable.  You see Human broke there where onto the internet. So we created a one way enterance to the interent but if a character punches his way to reality. Like we can do damage but most humans are kind hearted or would die. But what if a shooper or a bad character went to reality.

I punched the wall leaving a dent in the brick foundation. I was getting stronger still.  Okay I need to find an avatar.

The End

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