Justin: FmylifeMature

Well, this is a surprise. I save these peoples lives from a dragon shapeshifter, and they all leave. That seems a bit ungrateful doesn't it? Kevin I can respect, because he's going out to look for anything suspicious, but Jordan and Alicia went to play a flippin game! I don't blame Alicia, because had Kevin come too I'm sure I'd be invited, but because that stupid little character Jordan is desperate for virtual tail, I'm left by myself roaming around the internet looking for entertainment. Maybe I should've gone with Kevin, but he was long gone by the time I left, so I went to a site called "Fmylife.com", because other people's misfortunes are hilarious.

I was reading for about an hour and then I heard something from a distance. I couldn't see it, so I switched to the bird and flew in that direction. After a minute I saw a pixel, that turned into a dot, that turned into a blob, that turned into a figure, then when I was finally close enough I could see it.

It was a plane. A random avatar just flying around the site. Of course, me being a big fast bird, knew that I was faster, so I went and grabbed it. I brought it to a full halt, broke the guy out of the plane, and was just about to throw him away when all of a sudden, I was in a completely different place.

Confused, I switched back into a boy so I was small enough to be comfortable in the place I was in. It looked like a childs room, but how could that be? I'm only a main character from a story after all.

"How did you get in my room?!?" A whining voice came from behind the computer chair, I moved it and saw a little boy. "Where did you come from?!? Who are you?!?" And that's when I realized it.

I somehow made it into the real world.

The End

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