Kevin: Fancy pants eh. I meet up with you later.Mature

" So you wanna play fancy pants?" Alicia asked Jordan.

" Sure." He said with that glazed look of. I'll do what ever you want me too look. 

" Ya you guys can play the games .I have some things to do." I said putting my hand in my pockets checking for all the cash I picked up.

" Ya I'll go too." Justin said.

" Okay I'll be back in an hour. If i'm not then I ask you to assume somethings wrong." I said darkly.

They all went in to addictinggames. Alright its time to research data base of normals, And get some charged batteries for this watch. I also should look for a place to train Alicia.  I can't have anyone be useless.   I turned on my heel and headed for the shabbbier part of the safe zone.  Where unuasual information was stored. Like records of normals or like thos incredibly out there conspiracy theories.  Anyways I looked through the records I only found an enterance of normal that fitted the describtion of the shape shifter but it quickly disapeared by the appearance of a powerful presence or disturbance on the internet.

"So there's something greater at work here. Hmm I need to speak to Ryan or someone knowledgeable." I thought

Next thing on the list batteries then my stomach grumbled , And some food for everyone.  I checked my pockets In all my change I had about 50 bucks.  Well thats about ten for batteries and the rest for food.  After doing groceris I stored everything in this quite amazing internet bag basically someones hard drive. Probaly mine.  Basically it can open to the size of someone body but when closed its about the size of a wallet.  

I began to head to addictinggames building. When a shadow brushed up agianst me at high speed I turned around to see this blurry figure running. I just had this overwhelming instinct to follow.

The End

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