As i passed through the portal, i landed in the area i knew was the lobby. Basicly a giant black room, full of weak programs. I turned back to my original form, a kid with messy black hair, a black hoodie, and skinny jeans. Needless to say i usually didn't show this form to my enemies.

"I can't beleive it. a bunch of Low level players freaking beat me!!!!!" I said

"Uh...sir" said a simple program.

"I AM VENTING HERE" i yelled, turning my hand into a flamethrower blasting the Program away.

"Now, HOW DID THEY MANA GE TO BEAT ME!!!!" i screamed.

"Thats what i'd like to know, Nico" said an ominous voice

I recognized  it as coming from one of the computer screens that lined the walls. At that point all the simple forms bustled out of the room in fright. Somthing about this guy scared them off. He appeared to be a tall bald man ina black buisness suit.

"Sorry sir, one of them popped up out of nowhere. Changed into a hawk and scratched me..." i muttered.

"And that stopped you? This mission was a preticulary easy one. All i asked was for you to attack the safe zone. Do i need to send you back to the tutorial?"

"NO!...No...i'll finish off those players if its the last thing i do..." I said angerly

"Good. I have a new mission for you anyways"  He explained

"Oh?" i replied

"Yah, Code Zero programs have been let lose in a safe zone near Newgrounds, destroy them before they Destroy my new Program."

"...Yes sir" i said morbidly, then i stepped ino the darkness taking me to the Newgrounds base...

The End

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