Jordan: Wow. shes uh, kinda cute.Mature

                 Now, im not some creep that agreed with interspacial relationships, but wow was alica beautiful, not like in a, She should be a super model kinda way, but in a..girl next door who you never really noticed was beautiful kinda way. Man this wasn't like me, she was a USER, why was i so damn attacted to her? And why am i thinking about all this after i just got attaked by some copier person. God i was so useless, i hope Alicia didnt think i was useless, what if she thought i was useless? For the first time in my Computer programed life, i think i had a crush.

  I walked up to the new guy, who had helped us out so much in the last battle.

 "Hey, My names Jordan, FINALLY another character to help us out!"

Justin growled at me, punched my arm and said

"Don't Call me a character..."

i frowned then sat down on a piece of rubble next to alicia. I looked at her and smiled, around us different Anti Virus programs where running about,trying to fix the damage to Addicting Games.

 "some Fight eh?" i said smileing at her 

The End

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