Kevin: I have to admit.Mature

I have to admit that bit of help got me outta of tightspot. The  shapeshifter began to become a gaint mech claws would not affect him.   My energy spiked causing the people around me finding it hard to breath." Yo Justin distract him aight." I commanded. 

He flew getting its attention. My energy began to compact itself and grow this should be good.  

" Raaaaa." I yelled jumping and chopping down on the massive machine. The electrical release finished the kid off as he changed back to his original boy form. But he wasn't hurt to badly as his body reformed. Just went for an attack but the boy went into a form controlling the internet.

" Im afraid you two have nearly defeated but trust me I will be back." he said disapearring. 

Interesting. I thought,  It looks like this guy is messing some things up.

I turned to Alicia " You still up for a game?"

The End

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