Justin: Wrong place, right timeMature

My name is Justin Audry. If you haven't heard of me, I don't blame you, in my story (Peregrine, EvanSterlingGraham)  my name was never brought up. I'll give you a quick rundown of myself.

I was lost in a forest, ate a funny looking vine, then ended up in a labrotory with some senile old man who told me the vine I ate was radioactive and that it would turn me into an animal, that animal was a Peregrine Falcon. He gave me some stuff that made it not permanent so I can go from boy to bird anytime I want, and then I left. Why? Well There was a bit of a hassle between me and another creature and I got pissed off.

So I was just flying around when I reached the end of story world and entered internet world. Everything looked so different, and more powerful, and actually designed. I thought it was cool, there was even a dragon about to burn three random casualties in the safe zone!

Wait... that's not safe. Why is in the safe zone? I immediately sprang into action and hurtled toward the dragon, talons at the ready. It didn't see me fast enough, so I managed to get a great scratch out of his face. I swooped back, while he was still in pain from the scratch, I headbutted his stomach and he fell too the ground. Then somehow, it turned into a little boy, and he sat up holding his head. I landed next to the people and changed back into my original form.

"Are you guys all right?" The guy with the sword came up to me.

" Who are you? How did you do that?"

" My name's Justin, I'll explain later, we got a shapeshifter to take care of."

The End

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