Kevin: Fight in a safe zone?Mature

I agreed a game should be gun. So we walked over to the Newgrounds building  I was explaing what Normals, Characters, Bad character, Fakes,'and avatars were on the internet to alicia. I also explained that the wierd things happening in reality had something to with what was going on the internet.  We're about to enter Addictinggames when. A large explosion caught our attention. I drew my blade; As the smoke began to clear a Dragon avatar Morphed into a Terminator and opened fire. Killing  all the people on the streets with his large chain gun mounted on its arm. So this must be why things are going screwy everywhere something is killing characters, and other important things which brings the story world ever closer to the internet. 

I had to stop it.  I appeared beside the machines its arm chopped off.  The machine morphed into a boy about my age.

" You'll pay for that." He said as his arm regenerates. Then he morphed into me

" Lets see how you like it!" The  boy shouted slicing away at me. 

what the hell. I thought as i jumped back.  Energy begins to surround me agian.  He turned into me. The boy goes to stab me where i stood. I stepped out of the way of the blade. I then countered hitting his blade with a massive blast of electricty.  For a moment it looked liked I had one when i was about to have him by the neck.  In the last moment he recovered and Morped into a dragon agian breathing flames. nearly incenerating me.   I was being overpowerd. Jordans lazer rifle was disabled in this area and Alicia didn't have any powers yet.

The End

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