I laughed to my self quietly. Me? Normal!? Psh! I'd never been called normal.

Standing up a little straighter, stretching my arms behind my back, I took 3 long breaths controlling my breakfast threatening to reappear. I closed my eyes on the last breath, and opened them to see Kevin staring at me oddly.

"Sorry, I'm not very good at traveling through the internet," I said sarcastically. I did get motion sickness easily though, I wasn't joking about that. I looked at the guy beside Kevin, he looked about the same age as myself and Kevin. "Who are you?" I asked, then realized that sounded extremely rude.

"Why?" Yupp. Rude.

"I don't really feel like calling you 'Guy' and I don't want to make a petname for you," I replied, getting ruder by the second. I saw Kevin smile at my joke. I almost giggled, but concealed it with a waiting cough.

"Jordan," he replied.

"Hi Jordan. Alicia," I looked around the white room. It wasn't scary anymore, it almost seemed familiar. "So, where do we go exactly?"

"Well," said Kevin, "We could just explore. You know, go through youtube or games or something," My eyes lit up.

"Games? Like, play them but you're also in them?" I asked, intrigued.

"Yeah," he looked at Jordan, "Kinda."

"I vote games," I replied, smiling.

The End

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