Kevin: Come on Ryan said the safes zone is this wayMature

I forgot to mention a couple things. The internet does have a few safe zones. There like cities or servers that aren`t horribaly virused  unlike the no server zones. Usually Normals hang around there. Ryan said that they should be avoided cause of the Fakes will eventually erase you. Fakes are Photos of normals and they life spand is related to how popular they are on the internet. The thing is fake desperately want to be a Normal because that really what they spawned from. Fakes erase normals by attempting to become one which only ends up erasing both entities.  But some normals learn to avoid them. So I decided to go to a centeral internet Hub which is like a news server. Most normals end up there.

" I don`t see why we have to go to an internet safe zone?" Jordan complained

"First to get some new on recent events. Two to find some more normals." I explianed

"But I hate being around fakes."  he continued complaining

" Why they won`t harm you your a character but you were born on the internet. you could learn to enter the story world if you don't like it here."  I pointed out tired of his whining. 

" But I vowed to kill the main Rick astley before i do anything for my own good."  He mumbled.

"Ryan said i should see more entities the closer i get to a internet free zone.`` I said to myself .

I pull my jacket sleeves back revealing a watch.  The watch didn't tell the time but internet traffic, viruses and detection of Normals. But it needed new batteries so I only turned it on for directional use. Ryan gave it to me before he went back to the story world.

" Ok we we have to go North west which is to my left." I said

"Where do you get something like that." Jordan asked

"It was given to me." I replied

Few hours later a city was in site and man did it have to many firewalls and check points. 

``We should be fine we aren't viruses so the firewall will be unnefective. the check points your a good character and i'm a normal  so they won't see me.`` I said

"So I will meet you up ahead.  At the load room okay." I said happily

"I hate checkpoints." Jordan said

" Well your a character so unless you want to get killed go through the check points." I said and left for the city as Jordan walked to the first checkpoint.


It took Jordan Three stinkin hours to get through the checkpoints.

"Stupid checkpoints they Sealed my lazer rifle in this area so it won't work."  He said angrily

" sorry to hear that maybe later i`ll find a way to reactivate it." I said

We both walked into the Loading room.

" This is going to take while." I said looking at all the entities that where in the room loading with us some avatars others fakes. some are well written viruses. but it was mostly avatars. 

I hated the The internet welcomes you sign. That was so confusing to A normal. speaking about a normals A girl about my age appears in the room.  A few gunshots ring outside of the room. she gets a little scared and ducks.  She got up only to fall agian she looked a little sick. She got up and looked at us stumbling over as she said "Where am I?"

"Your are on of the poor few people thats been sucked onto the internet literally. My names Kevin same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago."  I said

"Alicia."  she responded looking quite green. 

"Yep your definetly a normal." I said


The End

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