Alicia: I'm Not in Canada anymoreMature

Character: Alicia Callaghan

Age: 16

Powers: None yet, just entered


My fingers tapped the keys lightly, words appearing and mingling on my screen to create stories. Millions of stories to read, write, everything. Writing was my passion, almost like air. I needed it. I looked up at the screen, the familiar green accents of the Protagonize webpage felt like home. I titled my chapter, scrolled down the screen and hit the Publish button. Staring at the screen, I felt a tug in my stomach. I look down and realized my stomach was pixelating and disappearing.

"Woah!" I whispered staring. Suddenly, I felt a tug in my entire body and then I wasn't sitting in front of my laptop anymore. Oh crap! I thought. I shut my eyes, figuring I'd dosed off, even though it was extremely unlikely. When I opened them, I was standing in a large white room, huge plasma TV screens everywhere with computer screens on them. There were games, movies, all sorts of things. People yelled and moved hurriedly all over the room. I stood in the middle, staring as mythical characters, knights, movie stars and other people pushed me through the crowd. Looking up, I saw a large neon sign.

The Internet Welcomes You!

The internet? Oh my gosh! I gaped at the sign. That couldn't be right! I heard gunshots and ducked reflexively, but I was the only one who seemed to have noticed them. Then, the tug in my stomach again. I was going to be shot somewhere else, I knew it. I didn't close my eyes in time, and when I finally hit solid ground again, my stomach was doing flips. Who knew you could get motion sickness from the internet!? I looked up, grabbing at the brick wall beside me, and saw two men who looked humanoid.

"Where am I?" I asked them, stumbling over as my head spun from the motion sickness.

The End

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