Kevin: Bluh!Mature

After my impressive display of power. I turned around to feel a nice round fist in my stomach.

"Bluh!"  I groaned in pain, " You Idiot I just saved you life!"  I yelled as more energy began to circle me.  Jordan backed off

"Thats better. I don't know what your problem with me. So piss off ya little git!" I yelled the last sentence.

" Your stupid rick rolle video went viral. Causing these stupid piles of junk to kill my parents!" He yelled with tears in his eyes. As he goes to shoot me again.

I leave his line of site then Appear behind him. " You don't have to like me or trust me. I see your having problems surviving out here. So why don't we team up?" I said.

" Rrrrrrrr! Alright." He said. Contemplating on his plan.

"Good. Now heres the issue three or even 4 or more worlds. Are all converging onto the internet. Which is bad things are getting bad. Books , stories, youtube, movies you name are getting screwed up. I want to find a way to stop it. You in?" I said

" Okay. But as long as you fit this into your agenda. We kill the original rick astley." He said his eye becoming sharper from his hate for the meme.

" Okay deal." I said," Lets go find more normals, or good characters"

The End

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