Nico, The CopierMature

New character :D Nico Concord. The Copier

Ability: Copy the abilitys and forms of others.

Age: 15.


          I walked through the darkness of the Server portals, and entered a new Server, it looked barren, in the distance i saw a battle go on, probably some sort of flame war. Excellent, i was in a chatroom.

     I activated one of the codes i had copied earlier, a dragon made by some sort of Roleplayer. I felt my body shift, as wings started to sprout from my body, i took a sword code and put it onto my arm, making my arm change into a powerful sword.

  I looked up to the sky and started flying. This game was excellent, i had been looking on Newgrounds for a new sort of game, and then this weird portal activated, on some sort of Flash game called "The World". Strange the technology that we have adapted. I found myself with the ability to copy peoples abilities, a skill i have noticed comes in handy. This game had the best graphics i've ever seen.

   I flew over the flame war, i saw minor battles being fought, and in the distance i saw 2 god like avatars, one looking like a Anime girl, and one like a Super Saiyan. Both had giant swords that were on fire. I loved flame wars, so many more forms to copy, i scanned the area searching for somthing interesting.

  I forced my ears to turn into hawklike holes covered by skin, and automatically had the ability to hear far away. In the distance i heard a Rickroll bot, and plasma blasts. Too infurior, wouldn't give me any excellent forms i didn't have anyway. I let myself drop down to the ground and started slashing some of the minor forms, ducking under their flaming swords, and destroying them. I grinned as more and more avatars were destroyed, reduced to only code.


The End

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