Kevin: Oh noMature

I Heard the rick roll meme. I  dived into an uncovered manhole. Its better not to engage in Rick Astley unless you want to die to that horrid song.  I then heard a a strange lazer gun like sound. Then i hear roaring.  " A normal."  A hopeful thought occured. I got out. And helped the Character , or Normal out. I drew my sword jumped slicing the Rick Astley Meme.  It didn't kill it but it gave us enough time to run like hell.

"Oi you with th gun lets get the hell outta here!"  I yelled sheathing my blade.

We began to run down a crumbling street of houses.

" You! Your the User! I will kill you! For killing my parents and introducing me to this hell." He yelled raising his lazer gun and fired. 

"Raaaaaaaa!" I yelled slamming into a crumbling wall.  I Hit the floor behind the wall.

"Sorry pal i'm resistent to lazer. Two this isn't the time ." I said pointing  arthe Rick Astley meme getting up.

He nodded. I knew who we was his name is Jordan wilcox. I was going to write story about him but I never got around to making it good.  The Rick Astley Meme caught up.

"YOUR TO SHY TO SAY IT"  The meme fired another  sonic blast.

"Dammit!" I turned around , " your pissing me off."   As gravity seemed to get heavier for Jordan and Blue energy began to surround me. I drew my sword now understaning that it was a Zankpakutou.  The sword was long as my back it was black one side and the other side was silver.  I jumped up and i went to slice the meme in electricity began to surround my sword. sweet! I cut down and the meme was killed by the massive electrical release. 

" My name isn't the User it's Kevin." I said

The End

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