My Character, Jordan Wilcox.

Born in the district of DOCUMENTS, made from a random flash some person was trying to make. Weapons include a Plasma Rifle, and the ability to jump several feet in the air

"Never going to give you up"

I was running threw the city, going as fast as i could, trying to get away from the Rickroll-800

"Never going to let you down"

 I took out my plasma rifle, and took a shot at the evil robotic Rick Atsley

"Never going to run around"

A couple years ago, the USER uploaded a Rick Roll which took on its own virus form, The Rick Atsley, it self created other robotic forms of itself, that shot out super sonic Sound Blasts, this destroyed my family, and i was going to hunt down and destroy the Rick Astley, if it was the Last thing i did.

"AND HURT YOU" it shot out another Sonic Blast, i dodged it and fired streight at its head, it faltered back, roaring with anger.

Did i mention how much i Hate the USER sometimes?

The End

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