Kevin: Dr octogonipusMature

I was sneaking through the ruined buildings.  Hiding as soon as i heard more shoopers. what is going on today there so many of them?  As i climbed up the stairs of a large skyscrapers I step on decaying cement. falling down two stories.  I landed on my but on the cold cement floor. I was sore but i hid myself behind a wall.  A shooper heard me. Please don`t be Dr. Octogonipus please don`t be.`` I pleaded.  The metal tentacle freak thing turned the corner. 

"sonnava!" I said to my self

" Dr. Octogonipus Bwaaa!"  As lazer crashed into the wall I was sitting on. I drew my sword I went for a stabhim. his metal tentacles intercepting my blade. He turns around

"Dr Octo!" I cut the freak short by decapitating the shooper. I began to run just what i need today more stupid shoopers on my tail.

The End

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