Kevin: The internetMature

Its only been 2 weeks since  I was taken from ordinary life.  I was sitting at my laptop just reading some stories on protgonize when the screen went fuzzy. The keyboard began to swearl like a tornado ,  Where I was transported Internet Realm. Luckily for me one of my characters I wrote Ryan Harm was there. (Zombalopcalypse)  He taught me how to survive on the internet.  Unfortunetly characters can leave the internet because they also belong to the story world. Which is safer than the internet.  Problem was the Story world is slowly being drawn into the internet.  Characters are in a world full of badies ,goodies ,shoops , and probaly more. Shoops being an internet meme like shoop and Dr. Octogonpus. 

I was in the a destroyed city hiding my self from the Shoopers. Firin there lazors and what not. one thing you should realize on the internet normals which is people like me . If the survive for a long  time on the internet. Normals  will slowly gain powers. It depended on what sorta attacks you where avoiding.

Well Last two weeks I've been running from sword wielding soul reapers to  shoopers  so i could wield huge arsed blades and take damage from lazers. But trust me there is more to come.  They shoopers passed I grabbed my sword or as the soul reapers would say Zankpakutou. I don't know if it was one but I equiped it to my back and continued my running.  I wondered if i would meet another normal.

The End

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