The realm of the InternetMature

Something happening to our movies stories even the youtube , protagonize, and other sites. something is going on. even wierder is people are beginning to disapear at there computer. could it all be connected?

This is a collab about the internet. Basically you can make your own character or take a character from a movie, show , or your own story. be sure if you are taking a character that is on protagnize but it isn't yours just ask if you can. you can be almost anything you want wich is the greatest thing about it. 


Don't kill other peoples character  without permission,

don't make it too mushy on the romance side but please feel free to write as long as it is not the center.

Don't be afraid to post everyone is welcome

have fun. 


Something is happening to the stories we read write ,and watch. they are being changed for the worst. the internet is even worse affiars memes , youtube poops, and other strange things are reaking havoc.  The worse part is people in real life are disapearing , when reading books , wathcing movies or just browsing the internet. A few people find themselves in midst of the chaos , and there only way back to a normal life is to stop this madness.



The End

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