I knocked on Prince Samuel's door and walked in, not waiting for permission to enter. Prince Samuel could hardly complain, the entire palace is used to me just charging into rooms. A bonus of being one of Prince Samuel's guards, I guess. From what I'd overheard, he'd just bribed Rianna into marrying him. Hitting below the belt if you ask me but who am I to challenge his methods?

Prince Samuel lay shirtless on his bed. I couldn't see Rianna anywhere but knew better than to raise my voice too much. For all I knew she could have been on the other side of the palace but I didn't want to risk it.

"Are you ever going to stop doing that?" Prince Samuel asked with a sigh.

"No, Sire. Prince Samuel, what are your regards to Miss Rianna's safety?" I said formally, like I'd been taught.

Prince Samuel looked at me, confusion etched on his face. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. It's that kind of behaviour which'll make you lose your head. "Sire, I am well aware of yours and Miss Rianna's intentions. As I am well aware of Miss Denna's intentions. And as I'm sure you're aware, she will not take this defeat lightly".

Prince Samuel looked as if he was considering something. "Go on" he said simply after a few minutes.

"Not to mention Master Damari will no doubt be involved in this somehow".

"Master Damari?"

"Miss Denna's brother. I thought you would've known such a thing, Sire".

Prince Samuel glared but let me continue. "Knowing that Master Damari is involved and that Miss Denna will be scorned, surely you should be concerned for Miss Rianna's safety? She will not approve but I suggest assigning her personal bodyguards. At least until we can ensure Master Damari and Miss Denna will not be a threat".

"You'll never get her to go along with it".

"Well, Sire, she need not know. Singer and myself can watch her from a distance. You yourself know what masters of disguise we are. We would stay close enough to her that we could intervene if a threat were to arise but far enough away that we wouldn't arouse suspicion. What say you, Sire?"

The End

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